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Botanical Extract

  • Pure Irish Moss Extract/Sea moss Bladderwrack Extract Powder/sea moss capsule

    Pure Irish Moss Extract/Sea moss Bladderwrack Extract Powder/sea moss capsule

    Product Description Product Name Irish Sea Moss Burdock Root And Bladderwrack Capsules Active ingredients -Sea Moss powder(pure)  60%-Burdock Root extract (10:1) 40%-Bladderwrack extract(10:1) 40% Appearance -Brown yellow powder 100g/4oz bags/8oz bags-Brown yellow capsule 500mg -Green gummies 60pcs /bottle -Sea moss drop 60ml Specification -Pure Powder(Don’t add any other)-sea moss gummies (green colour 60pcs/bottle) -500mg Capsule(60pcs/90pcs/120pcs bottle) Application Natur...
  • Turkesterone 100% Natural Turkesterone Capsules

    Turkesterone 100% Natural Turkesterone Capsules

    Product Description The standard is Turkesterone 10%. Each capsule contains 350mg Turkesterone 10%. Added piperine, which works double-duty to boost absorption. Each capsule contains 5mg  95% piperine . The third-generation complex technology*, Turkesterone uses supramolecular clathrate technology to make a unique complex, which increases the absorption of Turkesterone and reduces gastric irritation through hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin. Each capsule contains 145mg Hydroxypropyl-B-Cyclo...
  • 100% natural fadogia agrestis extract powder/ fadogia agrestis capsules

    100% natural fadogia agrestis extract powder/ fadogia agrestis capsules

    Product Description Fadogia agrestis is a shrub from Nigeria. The stem has been used to make medicine. Some people claim that Fadogia agrestis can increase testosterone levels, which could help with sexual performance and athletic performance. But this claim isn’t supported by research. People use Fadogia agrestis for erectile dysfunction (ED), athletic performance, and other purposes, but there is no good scientific evidence to support any use. BASIC ANALYSIS Terms Standards Results...
  • Natural Papaya Extract enzyme powder Food Grade papain in cosmetics

    Natural Papaya Extract enzyme powder Food Grade papain in cosmetics

    Product Description Papain is to use biological engineering plants from papaya immature fruit extract of biological products and natural, it is composed of 212 amino acids, molecular weight for 21000, belong to contain sulphur (SH) peptide chain enzymes, has the protease and ester of the enzyme activity, and have a wide range of specificity, protein, polypeptide of plants and animals, esters,amides,etc have strong ability of enzyme solution, but also has the ability of synthesis, the protein ...
  • Factory Price Bulk Blue Spirulina Extract Phycocyanin Powder E6 E18 E25 E40

    Factory Price Bulk Blue Spirulina Extract Phycocyanin Powder E6 E18 E25 E40

    Product Description Blue Spirulina is a blue-green-algae,Phycocyanin (Blue Spirulina) is a kind of bright blue powder extracted from spirulina. It is a kind of protein, also an excellent natural edible pigment, as well as a good healthy food. Phycocyanin is one of the rare pigment proteins in nature, Phycocyanin is not only colorful, but also a kind of nutritious protein, the amino acid composition is complete, with high content of the necessary amino acids. Phycocyanin accounts fo...
  • Andrographis Paniculata Exrtact

    Andrographis Paniculata Exrtact

    Product Description Andrographis Paniculata commonly known as “king of bitters” in India, is an annual herb in the familu Acanthaceae . Andrgraphis Paniculata is extremely bitter in taste in all parts of the plant body. The plant is native to India and Sri Lanka and widely cultivated in Southern and Southeastsern Asia. as it has been effectively used in traditional medicines in these areas dor centuries Andrographis Paniculata is commonly available, less expensive medicinal plant used do...
  • Aronia Melanocarpa extract powder

    Aronia Melanocarpa extract powder

    Product Description Medium-sized shrub, native to North America; it develops numerous erect, densely branched stems that reach 90-150 cm in height. The lanceolate leaves are bright green, turning reddish or orange in autumn, before falling. In late spring it produces large clusters of white-pink flowers, with five petals; in late summer the flowers are followed by small roundish, pendulous fruits, which become black when ripe. The fruits of aronia melanocarpa are edible. Benefits Th...
  • Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables(ASU)Extract Powder

    Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables(ASU)Extract Powder

    Product Description Avocado (Persea Americana) is a tree native to central Mexico with good commercial value. It is grown all over the world, in tropical and Mediterranean climates. Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable (also called ASU) is a natural plant extract based on avocado and soybean oil. As a food supplement, the Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable has been reported in clinical studies to have beneficial effects on the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Benefits Benefits for osteoarthritis ...
  • Butcher’s broom extract powder

    Butcher’s broom extract powder

    Product Description The Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is a small evergreen shrub, up to 80 cm tall, very common in the Mediterranean area. Its properties are mainly related to phytosterols which give the butcher’s broom diuretic properties with the elimination of chlorides, sedative and anti-inflammatory of the urinary tract, has beneficial effects against kidney stones, cystitis, gout, arthritis and non-joint rheumatism. The butcher’s broom is the most powerful natural vasoconstric...
  • Cactus Hoodia Gordonii extract powder

    Cactus Hoodia Gordonii extract powder

    Product Description Hoodia is a succulent plant found in the Kalahari desert of South Africa. The genus includes a variety of plant varieties of which Hoodia Gordonii is a species. Hoodia plants are succulent, not Cactus, although they have a thorny appearance similar to the latter. For many centuries the Bushmen tribe of the Kalahari desert have used Hoodia painte as food. Hoodia Gordonii has been used less because of its persistent, unpleasant, bitter taste. Given the food use of Hoodi...
  • Centella Asatica Extract Powder

    Centella Asatica Extract Powder

    Product Description Found growing in hot, swampy regions around the world, from India to the southern United States, the herb Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) has a storied past. Centuries ago, practitioners of the ancient Hindu system of healing known as Ayurveda began using this creeping perennial therapeutically. It was the leaves-fan-shaped when grown in water but small and thin when grown on land-that were most useful for medicinal purposes, including the control of skin problems. By t...
  • Cherry Peduncle Extract Powder

    Cherry Peduncle Extract Powder

    Product Description The sour cherry is a tree or shrub with a height of 2 to 8 meters with a pyramidal crown and leaves with a 5-8 cm leaf and a smaller petiole than the cherry tree. It is a noble deciduous and deciduous tree of our woods, having more valuable wood than cherry and is long-lived, becoming centuries-old. Edible fruits, even in wild specimens, and excellent planting of the seed. The trunk is erect and with smooth bark characterized by horizontal streaks. Flowering, usually ...
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